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The Strangest of Places

A journey through life told in the stories that shape the path. The Strangest of Places is a delightful collection of stories that have to be read to be believed! This book will leave you refreshed, smiling, and ready to forge onto the next great chapter in your life. (Released March 15, 2021)


He Walks Like a Cowboy - The Book

In any one lifetime, part of the work of living is to go from figuring out what you got dealt, to accepting it. Learning to wield your unique situation to best get your point across. I have found through my life lived with a physical challenge that there are two versions of how a disability is dealt with. One is the version you show to others. The other is the version you are really and truly feeling inside. In my life, these two versions started out light-years apart. And over the span of 35 years, and the influence of many magic people, they have been growing closer all of the time. There is something incredibly free about showing the world what you have going on inside. It helps to keep the struggle of your situation confined to the actual challenge, and not intensified by shame. The pages of this book are a true marriage between my two versions. Charting the affect of a disability on the physical, emotional, and spiritual. (Released November 27, 2007)