Howdy, y'all! Welcome to Season 3!


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Engaging story telling

Lovely. Engaging

Looking to be inspired?

Think you're having a bad day and the world is getting to be a little too much? Take the time to check out 'He Walks Like a Cowboy' podcast. Inspirational interviews with people who likely have way more than you on their plate. Tackle life's challenges by hearing how they did it...and how you can too! Can't wait for the next one!

From a school nurse

I can’t wait to share this podcast with everyone! What great perspective and voice. I love it!

Fresh perspective, when we need it the most!

Jonah has a comfort in talking about challenges in life that is admirable. I learn a little bit more about myself with each show. I am so thankful for his perspective on life at a time when the world needs some positivity to focus on.

Truly inspiring podcast that EVERYONE should listen too

JB and I have been friends now for 4 years now but he’s one of those people who you feel like you’ve known for forever because he is always putting such a positive spin on things that happen to us throughout our lives and his podcast “He Walks Like A Cowboy” is a beautiful replication of that:) being able to listen to Jonah’s podcast truly puts the biggest smile on my face EVERY SINGLE TIME! You should listen to it if you are in need of some positivity and smiles, CAN YA DIG IT🤍

Inspiration, move me brightly!

Jonah was dealt a challenging hand with his CMT diagnosis but Has embraced what makes him unique, and shares his incredible spirit with the hope of helping others see their own beauty. His combination of humor and compassion in storytelling is so warm and engaging and you can hear it in this podcast. This is one cool moe D!


Soul filing content with genuine people sharing personal experiences with struggle,love,happiness and everything in between!

I am the weakest of places

So this speaks to me

Great podcast!

Jonah is an inspirational speaker and his podcast will always provide an interesting story, good laugh and meaningful message.

Jonah is an inspiration

Everyone needs to listen to this podcast! We all need some positivity in this world. Thank you, Jonah !

A terrific listen

Accessible and entertaining, there is a wonderful flow to this podcast, and a unique perspective and down home appeal.

Favorite podcast ever

This podcast always puts me in a good mood! Jonah is such an inspiration and I love hearing his stories!


Well produced and fantastic. Jonah truly leaves one wanting to hear more. My favs so far? Without a doubt Livin’ on a Dream and The Balancing Act. Both are a must to listen to!

Feeling good in the neighborhood

Jonah puts great perspective on life in an uncertain world. Love this show!

Love the interview with your MOM!

I never knew your mom also has CMT. Such a beautiful soul she is! I loved her stating that her positive attitude is a choice she makes everyday. While her condition could cause some to lament and feel sorry for themselves, she consciously makes a decision to be happy and help others in need. She’s awesome and you did such a great job interviewing her. It’s a great listen and I’m looking forward to more episodes.

A New Kind of Thinking

A podcast that goes deep and explores the world of inclusion in an exclusive world. Jonah shares stories from his past experiences while connecting with others that deserve to have their stories shared. Each show is thought-provoking and authentic that provides you with the soul lovin’ you have been looking for. In a time of division, He Walks Like A Cowboy provides some connection that we all need.


In these times of conflict we are living in, it is so nice to have something to listen to that is truth that inspires! Thanks Cowboy!

12/10 Podcast - So Empowering!

Jonah Berger’s words are not only insightful, but also uplifting and quite grounding during this time. I look forward to listening each week & learning so much about Jonah’s experience in the world. I love this podcast!

Much Needed

Jonah has great stories and a way of thinking that makes you smile. Go Italy!!

How do YOU walk?

Exactly 13 years ago to the month, Jonah wrote a book titled, He Walks Like a Cowboy. It’s a book about living his life with a physical disability (Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease). This book teaches us through Jonah’s own life experiences that we have a choice as to HOW we live with these challenges. It’s not always easy, but he shows us that we can do anything we want to with hard work and determination. It sounds cliche but there's no denying that after reading this book. Now Jonah’s voice and message can be heard virtually everywhere through the power of podcasting. A message of genuine joy, love and inspiration…a message not just from Jonah but from many others that will share their extraordinary stories, strengths and weaknesses. We all have challenges that try to hold us back and after listening to his podcasts, we’re quickly reminded that there’s nothing we can’t accomplish! One of the things I love about this podcast is that you get genuine “Jonah” when you listen. Quirks and all! :P But I also love that he always dreams big and never gives up. That’s why I believe in this podcast, I believe in the message and most importantly, I believe in the person that’s sharing the message. So, if you want your spirit to be uplifted or know someone who needs uplifting… If you want to feel empowered with strength and hope, look no further. The ‘He Walks Like a Cowboy’ podcast is just that and more. Listen. Learn. Love. Share.

Jonah “walks” the walk!

Never a more genuine person or friend, Jonah is the real deal and shares his vulnerability in such a relatable way! The world needs more vibes like this! Thank you for sharing your journey with us!