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He Walks Like a Cowboy

He Walks Like a Cowboy

An honest discussion of the human spirit, the value of a positive attitude, and how strength can be found in the weakest of places. This podcast journey will take you beyond your comfort zone out to where you start to really learn about yourself and your ability to navigate seemingly impassable waters. We will discuss times where my disability has empowered me to learn about strength. We will have guests on who are champions of overcoming adversity and making the world shine brighter. And we will help you to start to see your challenges as your greatest gifts. Jonah Berger is a Youth Director and Motivational Speaker. He works with kids and adults who deal with disabilities. He is a husband, a father, an author, a drummer, a leg brace wearer and an observer of life. Jonah uses his own disability to help listeners learn more about their own challenges and how to use them as strengths. Come take a walk with Jonah down the path of perspective that will leave you thinking and smiling.

Recent Episodes

No Answer

Feb. 17, 2023

Today, our valiant host takes on the world and how to make it better. To give away the ending, the answer is, there is no answer. Come along for a brief reminder of how to walk through this strange life smiling and in tune w…

Rising to the Surface

Jan. 26, 2023

Today we sit down with my old friend Matt Merchant. We met in College theater and he never strayed from the calling. Now a seasoned actor in L.A., Matt and I chat about his journey. What it takes to follow and unlikely dream…

Wheel Sassy

Jan. 19, 2023

Today we get the chance to sit down and see why the future is going to be ok. Meet Jessica Keyo and hear why this amazing and challenged 33 year old is taking her obstacles and creating change for others through them. There …

No Barriers

Jan. 12, 2023

Sit on down and meet a true champion. Melissa Simpson deals with Cerebral Palsey but has simply refused to let it slow her down. She volunteers for two organizations and also starred in a documentary about her climbing a mou…

Cherry Lemon Bomb

Jan. 5, 2023

Crack out your rolling pin because we are sitting down with the Pie Queen of Michigan! Meet Linda Hundt, owner of Sweetielicious; a famous pie shop in central Michigan. She's a woman that'll charm you from the word "Go."

Life is Good!

Dec. 29, 2022

Sit and relax as Jonah expounds on the wisdom learned from a really good day. From his daughter's first ever campout in the backyard to having all the neighbors over for burgers. Amazing how life can feel alright in the span…

Recent Blog Posts

The Mishpachah

Life is so interesting. People are so interesting. I’m 48 and it amazes me the lessons that still come my way. I think they keep comin’ because I stay open to them. Case in point: Just over two months ago, Megan, Amelia, Banjo, and I moved from Colo…


I would like to tell you about my weekend. Specifically, I would like to tell you about three events that took place over the course of last weekend. Friday night, Megan, Amelia, and I were invited to dinner by three of my first and longest-running …

The Voices In My Head

I’m hearing voices in my head again. Ancient voices heard only from time to time. They are only heard a few times in your life and only if you are quiet enough to hear them. I heard them once before. Twenty years ago, in fact. I was living in Maryla…

About the Hosts

Jonah BergerProfile Photo

Jonah Berger

CMTA National Youth Programs Manager

I have worked in the special needs world my entire career. I love everything about it. People who face a daily challenge are simply more interesting. My style is caring and direct. I believe in creating connection and trust with my clients and using that trust to affect change.

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Speech &Theater Arts

Masters Degree in Special Education

Owner and Director of Operations for The Rhythm Within since 2004.

Camp Director for Camp Footprint; serving children with Charcot Marie Tooth Disorder.

Served for 3 years as Program Director for Rocky Mountain Village, Colorado’s Easter Seals Mountain Camp

Served as the Program Coordinator for Adam’s Camp; a therapeutic camp program for children with special needs and their families.

Served 2 years at the Colorado Christian Home as a Youth Treatment Counselor for abused and neglected children

Served for 2 years as the Program Coordinator for the summer camp program of the City of Boulder; Parks & Recreation

I am a percussionist. I have always had success in using percussion in my work with my clients

Experienced in most diagnoses and with children/teens/young adults/adult ranging in age from 5-60

Marc RonickProfile Photo

Marc Ronick

Podcast Producer

In addition to being the producer of this podcast, Marc Ronick provides a unique perspective and understanding of podcasting, the podcast industry and podcast audiences. From genres such as entertainment & news, medical & spiritual, and sports & politics, he has been a part of just about every type of podcast and every type of challenge over the past 15 years. Podcasting is his passion and there is nothing more exciting to Marc than helping a podcast go from a vision to reality.